DIY Oil Recipes

Some of my favorite recipes using essential oils to share🌿

View my essential oil recipe look book here.

Facial Toner Spray

I love applying this spray right after the shower. Makes my skin feel rejuvenated and oh so clean.

How to make:

🌿2 drops frankincense 

🌿2 drops tea tree

🌿1 drop purification 

🌿fill bottle half way with rose water

🌿add distilled water to dilute (as needed)

Focus Diffuser Blend

I love to use the blend to keep me focused on the task at hand plus rosemary is great for supporting my memory. Keeps me going and smells SO good.

Add to your favorite diffuser:

🌿2 drops frankincense 

🌿2 drops peppermint

🌿2 drops rosemary

Immunity Booster

These oils added to a roller bottle (with my favorite carrier oil and applied to the bottom of my feet) and/or combined in a vegetable capsule topped with honey or olive oil give me the boost I need to keep me feeling well. 

In a capsule:

🌿1 drop frankincense vitality

🌿1 drop peppermint vitality 

🌿2 drops theives vitality 

🌿2 drops copaiba vitality 


Natural Dry Shampoo

I absolutely LOVE using this. Keeps my hair looking fresh even a couple days after washing it (shhhh🙈). Smells so good and gives my fine hair some extra volume too!

🌿2 drops rosemary

🌿2 drops cedarwood

🌿1 drop tea tree


🌿cocoa powder (for darker hair)

Sleep Roller

Ahhh sweet sweet sleep. I use this roller every night to help me feel relaxed and ready for bed. Best part you can make this with oils that are included in the starter kit!

In a roller bottle:

🌿5 drops frankincense

🌿5 drops stress away

🌿10 drops lavender

🌿optional: a few extra drops of cedarwood

🌿fill roller with carrier oil of choice